How Can I Help?

  • Stay safe! And encourage your loved ones in Nepal to stay safe.
  • Always use the #Vaccines4Nepal and tag the @alliance4nep
  • Help us show the public face of the covid crisis in Nepal. Please share your personal stories using the hashtag (#vaccines4nepal). Tag the following
  • What kinds of stories could you share?
    • Stories about people in Nepal that are impacted by covid
    • Stories about people in Nepal doing amazing things to tackle the covid crisis
    • Stories about friends and families in the US and Nepal working together/missing each other through CoVID
    • Fun memories of people in the US about traveling/working in Nepal and vice versa
  • Need some ideas for what to share. Click here.

About Us

The Covid Alliance is a volunteer group of public health professionals, activists, and concerned individuals that are working to help address the growing Covid crisis in Nepal.


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